Cosplay Idols

This section is dedicated to our Cosplay Idols. A few are professional cosplay models, but the majority are normal people with immense imagination, talent and skills. We believe that as an aspiring cosplayer, you should have idols too. Why? Because nearly everyone who has ever been successful at anything was first inspired by someone else. Someone who motivated them to be just as good . . . or better someday. Hey, dream big anything is possible. Who knows, eventually you could become so good at cosplay that you can make a living from it, and spend the rest of your days attending conventions around the world and being paid for it! Yeah, you heard me. Such a thing exists . . . and no it’s “not somewhere over the rainbow.”

Random fun fact:

In Japan, they have what are known as professional cosplayers, or cosplay models. Yes, here people are paid to dress in costume and get their picture taken. Sounds like a sweet job, ne? But they take their work very seriously, and they must because professional cosplayers demand $150 an hour on average, and even more every 30 minutes after that. Also, the fact that professional cosplaying does not require a degree in school or any special training makes it a highly competitive field.

We all know the importance of screen shots for cosplay references. They help you get it “right” and make your cosplay “accurate.” But let’s face it, with all the L cosplayers nowadays and the omnipresent Misa misa, Sasuke, Axel and Roxas cosplayers running around, an “accurate” cosplay sometimes just ain’t enough to stand out at a convention anymore.

So, how do you create a cosplay outfit that transcends all others? That makes fellow congoingers stop and stare in awe, crowd around you to complement your creative cosplay costume or ask to take photos of you and then glomp you so hard your ribs break and you die? . . . okay, maybe not that last one . . .

But my point is that if you want to stand out at a cosplay convention, maybe even win one (or all >D) the awards, then you must have a costume that turns heads. How do you do this? First, find a Cosplay Idol. This is someone you will be looking up to, to better yourself. Ask yourself "What makes them so good?" It is their accessories? Or their eye for detail? Their choice of fabrics, or the way their poses and personality shine through in photos? Pay close attention to the costume you are trying to recreate, use your imagination and add a little of your own personality to your cosplay.

OH, and you don't have to search the net to find cosplay inspirations. We’ve collected the hottest cosplayers we could find around the net, and put our absolute favourites in our Halls of Fame. They are classified here according to series for your convenience.

While you admire their costumes, take the time to notice the materials they use for their costumes, the way they chose to recreate anime hair. Think about what makes their costumes so visually appealing and how can you incorporate it into your own. No, this isn’t school. Thank god! But I’d still suggest you take notes so you don’t fail. Hm, maybe this is cosplay school . . .

Have fun gaping browsing through them and happy viewing! Click "NEXT" to watch a cool video featuring non-Japanese cosplayers! And no, they don't suck. xp

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